waterlines exhibtion in Braemar

A new  exhibition in St Margaret's Braemar,  of Gill's recent work including large-scale 'map-drawings', waterlines of the Dee and watershed meeting points, shown alongside associated poetry and text.

‘Waterlines’ was exhibited in the Small Gallery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary from Mar - May 2018. The work shown in Braemar is selected work from this that relating specifically relates to Deeside.

If you would like to purchase any of the artworks please contact gill russell on gillrussell5@gmail.com to discuss.

river dee waterlines    

262 x 104cm ( dibond/matt ultra)  

£ 750

feshie -geldie interaction

157 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)



74 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)


walking the dee don watershed

110 x 60cm ( dibond/matt ultra)


water sheds the rain

gill russell / alec finlay 

30  x 30cm (mdf/matt ultra)