làrach coise

funded by Huntly Cultural Fund 2014

Làrach Coise is a series of viewpoints, and an invitation to explore some interesting historical/archaeological sites in the Huntly area.

A pdf of the book can be downloaded here
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'The Gaelic làrach means the site, imprint, ruin, or foundation of a building or settlement, làrach coise means footprint in that context'. 

John Stewart Murray, Reading the Gaelic Landscape


a mystery tour with Ron
in a wet February snowstorm

'stone circle (remains of)’
the field is framed
by a barbed-wire fence

in England there would be
a car park
little iron railings
kissing gates
Dogs on Lead

curly interpretation fonts
to describe the mystery
of cup marks

in a blizzard
the pale moon sun struggles
over the Recumbent of Rothiemay

a hulking lump
pockled with cup marks
for the moon to dip
over and into

in layers of thermals
I wonder how long
before I become
one of them