sabhal mòr ostaig residency

scotland’s gaelic college, sabhal mòr ostaig, skye
funded by creative scotland.


Gill was resident at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig part time for almost 18 moths over 2009/10. She spent a lot of research time deepening connections with the Gaelic culture and language and exploring connection between that and the landscape.

She undertook several personal and collaborative projects, including working with Rody Gorman (writer in residence) , Norman Shaw (fellow artist in residence) and musicologist John Purser. This resulted in several pieces of work, This resulted in several pieces of work, including 'Leadan' , 'Long Wave' and a main exhibition: Uamh' at the  RSA in Jan 2011.

In addition to creating artworks, Gill gave several talks, organised open days and had many informal visits / discussions with staff and students at the College. She attended gaelic classes and improved her gaelic language skills. With her piece ‘Long Wave’, she was one of the artists selected for SCALE , the Clan Donald sculpture trail . She attended two ‘Windows to the West ‘ conferences .