cosmicsky exhibition

funded by NESTA

The Cosmicsky Exhibition was collaboration between Gill, astronomer Francisco Diego and poet/ storyteller Brian Hill. Funded with a grant from NESTA, The CosmicSky Exhibition, was a critically acclaimed roving domed theatre that fused astronomy with poetry, philosophy, sound and the visual arts. The digital theatre used 360 deg imagery and surround sound.

During 2005/6 CosmicSky successfully piloted four large-scale public venues across the UK reaching over 10,000 people.Feedback from visitors was overwhelmingly positive and offers a catalogue comments, including ‘excellent’, ‘awesome’,‘touching’ and ‘relaxing’.

Jane Spiers, CEO, Perth Concert Hall and Perth Theatre: ‘CosmicSky brought a touch of magic and a whole new audience to our venue’.

Stephen Whittle, CEO, Gallery Oldham: ‘ It (CosmicSky) couldn’t have gone better. It’s a high profile show for us-one the press have picked up on… because it has unique features and is high quality’.

John Coulson, Head of visitor Operations, English Heritage East: ‘The whole thing (CosmicSky) has been a fantastic experience…..everything has lived up to our expectations, wholeheartedly… It has been very much a community event…. I have never seen our staff so keen and eager to work on an exhibition’.