covidly walking

‘Covidly Walking’: drawing with my boots on the hill

The Covid Walking project arose as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting UK Lockdown imposed in March 2020.

A hundred days of spontaneous wanderings in hill and forest…..drawing with my boots on the hill.

NEW: Delighted to have my artwork ‘Locking Down the Line’ bought by Aberdeen Art Gallery for their permanent collection, funded by the National Fund for Acquisitions.

Read more here about how the Covid Walking project evolved

April 4 2020

15 walks for 15 days

its peaceful making these lines

skylarks and snowshowers
on the moor yesterday

April 13 2020

24 walks for 24 days

drawing lines with my boots

between Don and  Deskry

May 10 2020

52 walks for 52 days

lines expanding 


through melancholic

ancient birch

birch renewal

June 7 2020

80 walks for 80 days

locking down the line

June 27 2020

100 walks for 100 days

wet summer grasses 

dappled shade 

my old boots draw

to the end of the line