landmarks residency

glenbuchat, strathdon.
funded by aberdeenshire council

Landmarks was a community project focused on creating artworks and events that explore cultural heritage and connections between land and people, past and present.

Three artworks:  talla an t-s├Čtheinwhere long shadows fall  and pulpit were created. A community project 'Shieling', and an event 'Equinox on the Ben' took place.

Community Artwork ‘Shieling’

Gill worked with local artist Isobel Gilchrist to create the 'Shieling' and  related workshops. Visitors were invited to create a ‘memory object’ of a thought/dream/memory/wish they would like to preserve. These were expressed as painted objects (stones, twigs), which were then placed in a community shelter (shieling) with enigmatic riddles written on rags as clues to the memory.

The workshops were a great success with many amazing creations produced and stored in the 'shieling'. Many local people and visitors took part including over 100 local school children.

Equinox on the Ben

Around forty local residents ascended Ben Newe in warm sunshine to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. A community cairn at the summit was built , and the  'riddle rags' from the shieling project tied to trees to guide the journey.

Photo by Bryan Watson

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