murmuration and Diarmid's conspectus

In June Gill was invited as a guest artist for Murmuraton , an International gathering
of sound artists at Gulabin lodge, Glenshee. Gill led a walk and gave a talk about her work and also the folklore in Glenshee, including a conspectus viewpoint from Diarmid's Grave.

Gill leading murmuration walk up a burn in Glenshee, photo Phoebe Law

Gill has been working with Alec Finlay on conspectus viewpoints-the panorama of hills ( or other features )  that can be seen from a particular viewpoint . Typically they are have located  at significant places such as ancient sites of dwelling, for instance, river confluences, or on knowes and cnocs, rather than on high summits.

The grave of Diarmid, Glenshee

Conspectus from the grave of Diarmid, Alec Finlay/Gill Russell

The sizes of the text are true to the hills scale in situ, not their actual altitude