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Oct 25/26

It was amazing. ...beyond our wildest dreams. 

Both performances sold out, the feedback was hugely positive and the Q and A sessions stimulating

Oct 5

The Project Obfuscation team- Gill Russell , Pete Stollery and Fraser Fifield are off to Aberdeen Arts Centre soon for a weeks residency to work together in the performance space.

Wed 25th Oct 8.30pm (Premiere) and Thu 16 Oct 2pm. Spaces limited-get your tickets now!

Sept 21

😀We are excited to tell you that.......

Tickets are now available for performances of Obfuscation at soundfestival  in Aberdeen Arts Centre.

8.30pm Wed 25th Oct (Premiere)

2pm Thu 26th

For more background/information read Obfuscation Project overview here  



Another great turn out for our Project Obfuscation 'work in progress' events night at Towie Hall last week (31 August). ...in fact it was so good we forgot to take any photos! 

So here are some of the banners in the foyer...and one of Pete Stollery with his fancy audio waveforms.

We had over 60 people in total attending the 3 events and it has been fun and informative to share the work in progress over food, wine and discussions. Thanks to everyone who came!

Aug 24

We had a really great turnout for both of our Project Obfuscation 'work in progress' events in the Bothy at Glenbuchat Hall this week (Tue 22nd and Wed 23rd ).The discussions were illuminating, thoughtful and informative. Thankyou to everyone for coming and being such active participants-it was truly special!  

There are still spaces left for the last 'work in progress' event at  Towie Hall 31st Aug at 7pm-email gillrussell5@gmail.com to book, or DM on Facebook

And another wee video clip from work in progress captured by Paul Johnson

Aug 9

Busy making video captures of work in progress!

 Here is one posted on Facebook 


July 28

Mailchimp for 'work in progress' event sent out to local communities in our area

Project Obfuscation

Come and see our work in progress - FREE EVENT - all welcome.

'I hope you have got some sensible shoes on?
We know from seven years of doing this that naming storms works'

Obfuscation is a collaboration between visual artist Gill Russell, sound artist/composer Pete Stollery and musician/composer Fraser Fifield. A premiere performance/exhibition will take place at Soundfestival on 25th October.

The team are inviting you to Glenbuchat and Towie halls (dates below) to come and see their work in progress. They will show you extracts of imagery, sounds, composed material and texts from the developing work. You will be invited to reflect and respond and to participate in discussing issues raised. These events will be informal, relaxed and free with refreshments provided and will last about an hour but you can leave when you like - there will be cake!


Glenbuchat Hall - Tues 22 Aug 6pm,Wed 23 Aug 1pm

Towie Hall -Thu 31 Aug 6pm

We would love to see you and hear your thoughts!

If you are interested in coming please book by emailing gillrussell5@gmail.com

July 16

We have a new Facebook Page-Project Obfuscation! Please visit and like ...if you like...

4 April 2023

Welcome to the first Obfuscation blog post.

I hope you have got some sensible shoes on?
We know from seven years of doing this that naming storms works

We are currently at the early stages of R+D for the project. Gill (visual artist) has created imagery elements and found poems from extracts of media sources as central texts in the evolving work. Pete  (sound artist) has been creating spatial audio. In the last month or so Pete and Gill have been focusing in particular on the dynamics between sound and image.

However, as we are working in a semi 3D way (imagery projections and spatial audio) and had no ideal studio space to test our work together in situ, it was going to become challenging.

Happily though, this is about to change thanks to Amy Liptrott, director of Aberdeen Arts Centre.

We went to meet Amy and check out some of the spaces available in the Arts Centre for the premier soundfestival 2023 performance/exhibition. We were both struck by the potential offered by several of the Arts Centre spaces but we also realised that quite a bit of access to test our ideas in situ beforehand would be essential.

Amy offered us a partnership with Aberdeen Arts Centre and granted us a residency period in the venue to allow us to develop the project as well as being able to work with her as a mentor. This will make a huge difference by allowing us time to progress the work in the performance/exhibition space itself and with Amy's input.

We are also working closely with the soundfestival and the completed project will be premiered at soundfestival 2023 in October. We are delighted to have the support of Fiona Robertson, director of soundfestival who will also be a mentor to the project.

Now for some elements feeding into the work … shaky sketches very much in progress

Found poem (Gill)

I hope you have got some sensible shoes on?
We know from seven years of doing this that naming storms works

I think
that a Sudden Stratospheric Warming will probably happen
          Billions of white herring eggs have been seen from space
It didn’t come out of the blue

                                   There is a time and a place for shouting
Do blueberries make you live longer?

Stressed plants cry in ultrasound
                               I’m afraid i don’t know the answer

But the plot thickens
There they are, hiding in plain sight
And that is why we need to keep a close eye
Trust your instincts

You might wonder why the sky doesn't actually look purple

It has become rather ageing not to have muscle definition
Those isobars have confirmed my barometric pressure
Ministers believe it should be looked at

       I remember the sheer number of 
false starts
     That was a real watershed moment

These events always have a knock-on effect
The cost of taking baths is set to rise
This, of course, will not wash
The safest advice is turn around, don’t drown

Any chance tomorrow will be fog free?
                                            It’s not reflected in the policies

Meet Storm Angel, Dudley.

Dudley, along with the other Storm Angels had been in the Music Hall with Gill’s last exhibition (Boundaries) but he was confined to the basement next to the toilets which is no place for a Storm Angel, so he will feature again in Obfuscation in a more elevated form.

Pete has been creating spatial soundscapes.
Listen to 'Obfuscation2' (best with binaural headphones)

Pete in his studio


Imagery elements (Gill)

obfuscation1, digital drawing, gill 

That is all we want to say at the moment to give you some idea of where we are. 
There is more but it does not make a lot of sense yet.
Watch this space......

Obfuscation is a collaboration between visual artist Gill Russell, sound artist/composer Pete Stollery and musician/composer Fraser Fifield. In a synthesis of different art forms, ‘Obfuscation’ will explore and highlight the obfuscation and confusion surrounding challenging global issues and the associated media hysteria. The work will incorporate a dynamic play of imagery, sound and found poems, with musician Fraser Fifield providing compositions/recordings and a live performance element.

The project is funded by Creative Scotland Open Fund. 

For more background/information read Obfuscation Project overview here