waterlines exhibtion in Braemar

An  exhibition in St Margaret's Braemar,  of Gill's recent work including large-scale 'map-drawings', waterlines of the Dee and watershed meeting points, shown alongside associated poetry and text.

‘Waterlines’ was exhibited in the Small Gallery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary from Mar - May 2018. The work shown in Braemar is selected work from this that relating specifically relates to Deeside.

river dee waterlines    

262 x 104cm ( dibond/matt ultra)  

feshie -geldie interaction

157 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)


74 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)


walking the dee don watershed

110 x 60cm ( dibond/matt ultra)

water sheds the rain

gill russell / alec finlay 

30  x 30cm (mdf/matt ultra)