watersheds, shorelines, walking on waterlines  

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     1. river dee waterlines
     2. watershed circle poem 
     3. feshie-geldie interaction: a mesolithic walk
     4. einach-eidart-dee:  remote watersheds

walking on waterlines

     5. lorg coise walks: 8 prints   
     6. a route of springs (tryptic)
     7. walking the dee don watershed


      8.  isle-land
      9.  shore
    10.  the sea breathes

1. river dee waterlines

4. einach-eidart-dee

2.watershed poem

3. feshie-geldie interaction

5. lorg coise walks

7. walking the dee don watershed

6. route of springs 1

6. route of springs 2

6. route of springs 3

8. isle land

9. shore

10. the sea breathes

Gill Russell's waterlines prints of map-drawings, visual poems and associated texts were exhibited in the Small Gallery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary from Mar19-May12 2018 and at St Margarets' Braemar, Oct 2019.

watercourse, map/drawings/sketches focusing on watercourses (older work)