einach-eidart-dee: remote watersheds

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eanich-eidart-dee 74 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)

Eanich, Eidart, Dee
meet in shattered terrain
above 4000ft
fierce winds whip ice
against sparse tundra
whose snow gives
way to flow for
only a few months
of the year

the land's nervous system is waters
transitional forms and flows
a moody visceral force
responding rapidly to weather 

flowing begins high in
the watersheds of the mountain

Coire an Dubh Lochain

Coire an Lochain Uaine
Corrie Cach nam Fionn
Corrie Domhain
Corrie Clach nan Taillear

and lower down
on Dail a' Bhoididh
the Snipe's Bog
Moine Bad a Chabair
Feith an Laoigh
Alt a' Bho

a dull wet bleak
peat hag maze

here the clouds settle
change the form of their water
and begin their slow
underground seep
bog to burn to river to sea
to cloud