feshie-geldie interaction: a mesolithic walk

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feshie geldie interaction 157 x 60cm (dibond/matt ultra)

A walk up the river Geldie towards the Feshie, following in the footsteps of the Mesolithics and camping where they set up their camp.

Mesolithic folk
tracked these waterways
into the icy hills
leaving traces of quartz and flints

at the Chest of Dee
and Caochanan Ruadha, Red Burnie,
by the Feshie/Geldie watershed

lithics in river silt
beneath the peat

I follow the Geldie Burn

Red Wells spring
the clear shining one
oozes iron red mire
over the track

cross the stags burns
Alt Damhaidh Beag
Alt Damhaidh Mòr

Allt Leum an Easain
the waterfall
down Ben Bhrotain

Carn Cloich-mhuillinn
is Carn nan Clach Mhuillinn
hill of the millstones

the path dwindles
lost to bog
and howe and knowe
through the moine of Geldie

they camped by Caochanan Ruadha
on this wee mound
one post marks the spot
a single loose turf
records the excavation

lithics and quartz
burnt yew twigs
for a bow
or toxic hunting poison

deer graze
in the forest that was
on Caochan Ruadha Mór

I burn some yew


in cosmic

they saw our skies
we see theirs
in the light
that left
a distant star cluster
by Cassiopeia
in the Mesolithic era

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