lorg-coise walks

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map drawings and texts created during a walking residency with Deveron Arts (2014) from explorations focusing on watercourses.

The images here are extracts from the book and blog lorg-coise , originally published by Deveron Arts ( Nov 2014 / £10 / available to buy from Deveron Projects)

some were created in conjunction with Alec Finlay.

'lorg-coise’: Gaelic for footprint, literally means 'a finding of foot’
John Stuart-Murray, Reading the Gaelic Landscape

a walk with Isobel 
12 March, 2014 

a walk from the Blue Cairn to the Garnet Stone 

starting at Blue Cairn (nj 301 172) 
ending at Garnet Stone (nj 385 178) 
via Eagles’ Stone and Davidson’s Cairn
a walk with Ron and Sòlas 
24 June, 2014

a walk from bridge to ford: Bridge of Avon to Ca-du Ford

starting at Tomintoul (nj 166 177)  via Water of Ailnack, Ca–du Ford, Lochan Uaine, Burn of Brown, Allt na Cluaine Bridge of Avon

 a walk with Linda and Sòlas
2 April, 2014

a walk from Corriebreck to Breagach Hill via Dubh Breac

starting at Corriebreac (nj 337 147) via Water of Nochty, Allt Chuirn Deirg, Dubh Breac, Quillichan Burn, Craigs of Moniewhitt, Breagach Hill

 a walk (1) with Maria, (2) with Chris  
28–29 April, 2014
Kindie / Kindy / Dulax / Cabrach

starting at Glenkindie (nj 437 138), via the Cabrach Glenbuchat, Glenkindie

The route for day one follows the old coffin road, up the Kindie burn and down the Kindy burn, to the Cabrach; day two continues from the Cabrach to Glenbuchat, returning to Glenkindie.

 a walk by myself, and again with Ron 
29 July, 18 September, 2014 

two burns, two ruins, two rowans and a paper ‘wish’

starting at Aldivalloch (nj 360 262) continuing by way of: Allt na Craoibhe-caorainn (Rowan Burn) and Allt na Craoibhe-cuilinn (Holly Burn)


 a walk with Claudia 
14-15 July, 2014

two days to Tomintoul

starting at Aldivalloch (nj 360 262), ending at Glenbuchat (nj 331 186) with an overnight stay at Tomintoul

(1) Dead Wife’s Hillock ,Little Steplar Burn, Blackwater, Allt na Craoibhe-cuilinn, Red Sneck Burn, Suie Bothy, Little Livet, River Livet, Chapeltown, College of Scalan, Tom Trumper, Glenmullie, Tomintoul (2) Glenmullie, Tom Trumper, College of Scalan, Fuaran Deònaid, Ladderfoot, Ladder Burn, Littleglen Burn, Blacksnake Burn, Burn of Wood, Glenbuchat Lodge


a walk with Sophie and Sòlas 
25 March, 2014

a walk between two wells: 

White Well to Well of Cul-dearg 

starting at Auchernach (nj 330 159) ending at Dulax (nj 352 180) via White Well, Burn of Rhinstock, Nettie Burn, Cline Burn, Allt na Greine, Water of Buchat, Waulkmill Burn, Well of Cul-dearg,  Burn of Peatfold

a walk with Ron and Sòlas 
1 July, 2014

whisky watershed trail

a wander from Glenfiddich Distillery to Glenlivet Distillery via Elf House Cave

This route follows landrover tracks up the River Fiddich to its watershed with the River Livet, and continues down the River Livet to the distillery. The Elf House Cave is near the Fiddich/Livet watershed


lorg coise  8 prints  32 x 38cm ( mdf/matt ultra)

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