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visual poem:  place names of coastal features around the shoreline of the Island of Coll

                         shore    90 x 90cm ( dibond/matt ultra)  

Translation of coastal feature names from Am Faclair Beag (Scottish Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly)

Acarsaid:  anchorage harbour port haven

Airne: kidney drift seed sea-bean blackthorn slow berry

Ard / aird: high lofty tall great loud chief eminent superior supreme height promontory

Bàgh: bay harbour creek estuary promise bond tie strength power virtue word battle cove

Barr: superiority pre-eminence apex crest crown summit   tip top   zenith surface crop produce
 cream (milk product)   height (hill )   son (poetic)

Bogha: bow bend arch arc vault   green bow-shaped area by a river   crotch fork breech
sunken rock in sea   rock over which waves break     

Caolas: firth strait narrow(s)

Carraig: rock cliff pinnacle   knot of wood   timber ball   cockroach headland promontory
cra(i)g fishing rock/ledge/station

Corr: odds excess surplus overplus remainder snout bill horn end corner limit
extremity extra  rounded and/or tapered point   rostrum   pinboard of a harp   pointed

Leac: flagstone slab flat stone tombstone metal plate  slate to write on  declivity cheek
summit of a hill   ledge of rock jutting out from the foot of a cliff on the foreshore and covered by the sea at flood tides house   tile soldier (in architecture)

Lòn:  meadow lawn small brook marsh morass pond lakelet water mud    marshy meadow pond   pool tidal pools

Meall: lump mass   heap of earth    hill eminence    great shapeless hill     mound knob boss bunch cluster pile clot    round hill  (rain)shower   bout

Poll: hole pit   deep mire   mud bog pond pool    deep stagnant water    dark and deep part of any stream   wet miry meadow     nostril silt     peat bank/hag pit

Port: port harbour   ferry passage    strait firth gate fort garrison bank     area of a place    house common food door bay tune dock port (in computing)

promontory headland    point of land

Sgeir: semi-submerged rock skerry     peat-bank    cliff     sharp flinty rock     covering top layer as of cold porridge or of fat/ soup

Sloc: pit den   hollow cavity    dell hold hole grave dungeon pool gutter ditch marsh plough shaft crater     trough (of a wave)     clamp (for vegetables)

Torr: heap up     pile up     hoard     form into heaps      teem  bury     come alive
mass mound pile tip    loose pile of peats on the peat bank/hag    hill    mountain

Tràigh: seashore     beach exposed at low water    shore of a lake or river     reflux or ebbing of the tide    sandy beach     strand

Uamha: den cave hollow grave grotto cavern

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