Imagery showing the paths of oil and gas pipelines under the North Sea, and the track lines of foraging sea birds over the same area.

Pipelines: gas-red, oil-purple, other-blue

Birdlines: gannet-red, fulmar-purple, razorbill-blue, kittiwake-pink, common murre-orange

pipeline, gill russell, 2022

birdline, gill russell, 2022

In spring and autumn, the geese pass overhead, leaving and returning, trailing their calls like scattered memories. Sometime as I watch, I imagine their flight as lines across the skies, threads extending to encircle the earth, as if by some method we can’t understand, these strands of flight might just be what holds the world together.  A Narrow Glimpse of SeaEsther Woolfson, 2022

Pipeline Data: Oil and Gas Authority

Birdline Data: Seabird Tracking Database, Bird Life International, RSPB, Ellie Owen, Francis Daunt, Keith Hamer. With thanks to Bethany Clark at Bird Life.