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tam beith 411
the fjord of pictland (the pentland firth) (2018)                 
waterlines: watersheds, shorelines, walking on waterlines- an exhibition at grampian hospitals arts trust (2018)            
waterlines exhibition at braemar  (2018)       murmuration and Diarmid's conspectus (2018)   a watery threshold: mapping the liminal, (2017)   gathering, cairngorms, hauser & wirth (2015-18)    lorg cosie /foot-print , book/blog, published by Deveron Arts, Nov 2014 l├árach coise, book funded by huntly cultural fund 2014/5     watercourse, map/drawings/sketches focusing on watercourses, 2014 ongoing eagle, after the disappearance of a tagged sea eagle, 2014   raptor forecast, the inshore raptor forecast for scotland, 2015